Tint My Screen and improve your reading

People are spending increasing amounts of time interacting with their computer screens. As a result there is an increased chance of developing discomforts such as headaches, tiredness, dizziness or dry eyes.

‘TintMy Screen’ is a straightforward, automated process to determine your optimised screen settings which include font size, brightness level and background screen colour.

Using our screen set-up you may gain a large improvement in your reading comfort and performance.

What do our customers think?

“I had major problems before GCSE, my parents were worrying. They took me to OmniRead! Now I am at university doing Economics! This new service will really help others too.”

John Hodson
Student, UK

speed up my reading performance free tintmy PC application



  • Increased reading comfort
  • More efficient learning
  • Improvements in reading speed
  • Greater efficiency off the computer screen
  • Reduction in headaches and other discomforts from computer use
  • Supports the ‘paperless’ office
  • Value for money